Sunday, March 28, 2010

Missing Puppy Paws

Anyone who has had a dog that they grew up with understands how hard it is to say good-bye to them. People who don't have pets or never had pets don't understand the bond between you and your puppy. And no matter how old he/she gets, they will always be a puppy in your mind.

They never cared if you had your hair done, had morning breath, or looked like hell because you were sick, and were always there to listen to you vent and loved you unconditionally. That was Abbie.

She was the dog who knew all of my secrets, my sister's secrets, and both of my brother's secrets. She always was there when we were crying or fighting and never told on us. And I can honestly say she was the only dog who NEVER chewed a pair of my shoes.

When my parents were getting divorced she was the strong one who made sure all of us kids were okay and that my mom was okay. Her coat collected numerous amounts of tears, and she would just give kisses.

Abbie never passed judgement, never told us that we weren't good enough, she just loved us and the only thing she wanted in return was a belly rub or a walk.

Even as she got older, she still just loved us unconditionally and even though walks were difficult for her, she was still game for a belly rub.

We all knew that it was time to tell her good-bye but it didn't make things any easier, there were some days that she acted like a puppy and others when she couldn't hardly move. But any doubts we had she put out of our minds. When we took her to the vet and she was laying on the table her eyes were saying thank you.

As hard as it was to say good-bye, we did the right thing. And as we said our good-byes to her, she gave us kisses almost saying thank you for being the best family and taking care of me. No matter how many years go by we will always be missing her.

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