Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stomach Turning Butterflies

Have you have had those moments in life that give you butterflies and make you want to throw up all at the same time? Either those little moments that aren't going to matter in about 10 minutes or those huge life changing moments that have to potential to determine not only your future but the future of your spouse as well. Those are the moments that make you second guess everything, make you want to cry and laugh and scream all at the same time...

This past week has been full of "stomach turning butterflies" for me and definitely for my husband. We found out on Tuesday he got the position he interviewed for, that was essentially created for him at another hospital. He accepted the position and we are both elated by the new job, but with that excitement comes the rest of the emotional roller coaster that goes with being launched outside of your "comfort zone."

We are both blessed to be employed during this economic rough patch and have great paying jobs, but only one of us is happy. The job he is currently at makes him feel like he has no purpose, his boss is verbally and emotionally abrasive, and he is exhausted when he gets home. It sucks being a wife and not being able to "fix" all the problems in the world. And it honestly breaks my heart to hear the things that his boss says to him and to see the pain in his eyes. But on the same hand, it is comfortable, he's been there for almost two years.

We sat and analyzed the pros and cons and pros and cons, oh and the pros and cons, probably over analyzed, but hey when you are make a life change what else is there to do? Sit and take it in stride, that is the way the world tells you to handle things. Nope, becoming borderline neurotic and over analytical is the answer.

Even though the shift isn't ideal, we know that we will be okay and get through it. Not to mention he is going to consistantly be on one shift, not switching from first to third to first to third, to whenever else someone doesn't feel like working.

Watching the spark come back into his eyes and the energy return to his body, has been confirmation that the decision he made is the right one. All of a sudden all the stress in our life seems to have gone and we are closer than we were before.

Even though the new hospital is about 5 times bigger than his current one, I know that he will succeed in his career move. The different and endless opportunites that wait for him and us are endless and make the stomach turning butterflies worthwhile.

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  1. :D I am glad that he is going to make this great career jump! Hopefully it will make him very happy and successful! Best of luck to you both!
    <3 Jeannine